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Solar Shading Keeps View but Controls Glare and Heat

For the new worldwide headquarters of a leading global software company, modern design was of paramount importance. Clean lines of a structural glass façade overlooking the nearby lake provided the style, and a solar shading system from Levolux provided the control of light, glare and solar heat gain.

Designed by Michael Aukett Architects, the new two storey headquarters for TTPCom, a world leading software development company at Melbourne Science Park, Royston, Hertfordshire, needed to make the most of the stunning views over the lake whilst providing a light, airy and modern working environment. A full height glass façade provided the ideal solution.

control the elements without impairing the view

To provide employees with protection from solar heat gain whilst providing uninterrupted views over the landscaped grounds and lake, a solution that would control the elements without impairing the view was required.

Levolux and its aerofoil fins system provided the control required, reducing the need for air conditioning, whilst enhancing the architectural appearance of the building. The company also demonstrated that it could design a series of manual and motorised internal roller blinds to further control light, glare and privacy within the building.

a seamless integration with the main structure of the building

To provide a seamless integration with the main structure of the building, Levolux worked closely with the architects and main contractor ISG Interior Exterior PLC, to develop a special curved front nosing for the supporting arms and structure of the solar shading canopy which runs the entire length of the south side of the building.

The 300mm aerofoil fins, fabricated as one piece extruded aluminium sections, were then mounted into the support structure, which now blends into the building, creating a canopy that reduces the glare from the sun and significantly reduces solar heat gain within the building. Most importantly, the view of the lake has not been impaired in any way.

motorised and manual roller blinds

Internally, Levolux manufactured and installed motorised roller blinds for the south facing glass façade and manual roller blinds for the remaining internal and external windows, allowing occupants to shade themselves from the sun and providing them with privacy when required.

The company also provided its VLS ventilation louvres, which feature hidden fixing giving an uninterrupted appearance for the two roof based plant housings.

adding a fresh dimension to the building’s character

Virtually maintenance free, the aerofoil system can be used on both new and existing developments, adding a fresh dimension to the building’s character and providing vital control of light, glare and solar heat gain. As well as single piece fins, they are available as multiple parts and can be mounted at a fixed angle adjustable by means of motors or be fully automated with solar controls.

Like all systems from Levolux, the aerofoil fins and the internal roller blinds are backed with the company’s design, manufacture and installation package and can be produced in a variety of materials and finishes to co-ordinate with the overall architectural design of any building.


Architect: Michael Aukett Architects
Products used: Aluminium Fins
  Internal Roller Blinds
  Bespoke Solution


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