Glass Fins

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Dynamic in their distinctive architectural aesthetics, Levolux glass fins provide an extremely efficient external solarshading system which offers all the advantages of a conventional brise-soleil in controlling solar heat gain and glare while allowing the occupants of the building a greater view to the outside.

A huge level of design flexibility is possible and co-ordination with the building’s external façade may be achieved through the use of glass which can be coloured, silk screened, etched or has other surface finishes or coatings tailored to specific design requirements.

Glass fins are ideally suited to the modern low energy building and can be installed in vertical, horizontal or angled situations and may be either fixed or adjustable to allow precise control of the building’s internal environment.

Total Design Freedom

The full potential of glass fins may be explored since Levolux offers bespoke systems with total design freedom. These allow the use of a full range of fin widths and engineering solutions to meet the specific requirements of single windows or to dramatically enhance the architectural appearance of the building’s entire outer envelope.

Glass fins may be installed in a fixed position or be fully adjustable through manual or motorized operation. This can be by means of a gearbox and handle, by switch control or, to accomplish full automation, through the use of automatic solar controls. They may also be interfaced with a building management system.

Features & Benefits of Glass Fins

  • Aesthetically pleasing – Glass fins enable the solar shading to be incorporated seamlessly into the buildings façade, with a huge variety of finishes available.
  • Virtually maintenance free - Stainless steel fastenings and fixings are used, producing a virtually maintenance free and corrosion-resistant system.
  • Reduces energy costs – Glass fins, like all solar shading, reduce the amount of sun rays hitting the glass and so minimise the amount of solar heat gain within the building.
  • Comfortable environment – Glass fins enable natural daylight to enter the building whilst preventing solar heat gain. Levloux glass fins are also available with a “re-directional” option – a transparent film sandwiched within the glass that acts like a prism and bounces light deep into the inside of the building.
  • Flexibility - Fins can be installed on new buildings or as part of a refurbishment of an existing building.
  • Accessibility - In order to provide access for maintenance, Levolux Glass Fins can be integrated into a complete façade system, incorporating walkway, handrail and latchway system.

The Range of Glass Fins Options

Levolux Glass Fins are available in varying widths from 100mm to 500mm as standard, other sizes can be considered. Due to the flexibility of the system, it is generally possible to design solutions to meet the specific requirements of the architect and client.

System Construction

All components are subject to rigid quality standards and are designed to produce a high performance product with an aesthetically pleasing finish.

The first fix brackets, support arms and structure can be manufactured from either steel or extruded aluminium, dependent upon each application’s building needs and loadings. Fins are normally manufactured as one piece extruded aluminium sections up to a maximum width, at present, of 500mm. Multi part fins are also available for generally larger width requirements. The method of “fixing” the fins once again can vary greatly depending on the façade and structural requirements together with the degree of shading required.

Walkways (optional) can be either steel (grid type) or extruded aluminium ‘T’ sections. Controls (optional) of various types are available to provide manual, motorized or fully automatic operation. Automatic controls can be stand alone or integrated into the Building Management System.

Aluminium systems can be provided in a wide range of finishes including mill, anodised or polyester powder coated. Steel components can be supplied in stainless steel or can be manufactured from mild steel with a galvanised and/or multi-pack paint finish.

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