Vertical Louvre Blinds

Levolux Vertical Louvre Blinds control heat light glare flame retardant fabric plain perforated PVC aluminium dual mono hand control operation electric motors infra-red control options sloping arched head curved windows.

Levolux Vertical Louvre Blinds are suitable for many applications in commercial and public buildings for the control of heat and light, particularly where VDU use is a priority and where privacy is required.

A wide range of louvre widths are available in flame retardant fabric, plain or perforated PVC and aluminium. The blinds are designed and made for easy installation, trouble-free operation and minimum maintenance.

For general use the systems are ideal for providing highly functional and cost effective shading and light control. The more complex systems allow the modern designer and architect to offer a total shading solution to even the most complicated of glazing areas.

Features & Benefits of Vertical Louvre Blinds

  • Aesthetically pleasing - A wide choice of fabrics and louvres provides the specifier with the ability to co­ordinate the blinds with the surrounding environment.
  • Comfortable working environment - With fabrics specifically suited to control glare, as well as light and heat, the user is provided with comfort.
  • Reliable - The range of systems are technologically advanced and built to provide years of trouble free operation.
  • Ultimate control - A choice of control options are available.
  • Suits complex glazing - Sloping, arched and curved glazing can be shaded.
  • Room divider - Blinds can be fitted within office partitions and can be operated by remote control to give smooth operation.

The Range of Levolux Vertical Louvre Blinds Options

The Levolux 530 Z Contract Vertical Louvre Blinds are sturdily built to provide years of trouble-free operation. A continuous metal beadchain adjusts the rotation of the louvres while a weighted cord is used for traverse control. For added reliability and smooth operation, the system features a planetary control gear and wheeled louvre carriers. Louvres can stack to left, right, centre or split draw.

The Levolux 580 Mono-Control Vertical Louvre Blinds have a unique mechanism. The rotation and drawing of the louvres is controlled by a continuous nylon beadchain and slipping clutch mechanism which helps to eliminate overdraw and louvre damage.

The Levolux 585 system has electric operation with uniquely varied stacking arrangements including unequal draw and is suitable for arched head windows and large radiused bends as well as straight installations.

Levolux 500 Variants - Many variants are available, making it possible to meet the demands for each and every individual building’s requirements.

System Construction

All components are subject to rigid quality standards and are designed to produce a high performance product with an aesthetically pleasing finish. The main components of the Levolux Vertical Blind are:

  • Vertical Louvres - Available in a wide range of flame retardant fabrics, plain or perforated, aluminium or PVC, and “groover louvre” styles. Standard widths are 127mm and 89mm. Other widths and fabric finishes are available on request.
  • Track - The extruded aluminium track profiles can be recessed, face or top fixed or even integrated into suspended ceilings and are available in satin anodised, or white as standard, or polyester powder coated to your own finish. Tracks are available for sloping, arched and curved windows
  • Control - The louvres rotate through 180 º and fully traverse the window area either by dual or mono­hand control, gear and folding handle or by electric motor and switch. Remote control is also an option. The louvres can split-draw or bunch in many different ways to suit the individual building requirements.
  • Stabilising Chain (optional) - Various types of chain available.

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