March 2012

The Grand Hyatt New York’s bar and restaurant area was recently renovated, inside and out, including the addition of an ultra-modern Solar Shading solution, by Levolux.

Grand Hyatt NY External1 200 x 200Shedding its 80’s glitz, mirrored walls and highly polished stainless steel fixtures, the hotel has been dramatically overhauled, as part of a $65 million refurbishment project. The iconic New York hotel, conveniently situated adjacent to Grand Central Station, boasts 1,311 updated luxury guest rooms, a new ballroom and a refurbished bar and restaurant.

Designed by Bentel and Bentel, the hotel’s bar and restaurant, known as New York Central, is cantilevered over 42nd Street and boasts unique views of the bustling sidewalk below. Its glazed facade is a distinctive feature of the building, allowing daylight to penetrate the building, but also exposing it to the risk of excessive solar heat gain and glare. To counter this risk, Levolux was approached to develop a custom Solar Shading solution, based on its Infiniti® Fin system.

Grand Hyatt NY External2 200 x 200The Infiniti® Fin system is an innovative, flexible Solar Shading system that accommodates a wide range of Louvres or Fins, installed internally or externally, against vertical, horizontal or inclined glazed elevations. Its unique concealed fixings allow Louvres to be fixed at almost any angle and to be cantilevered past the last support.

The striking Solar Shading solution was completed in two separate stages. Firstly 77 Aerofoil Fins were installed internally, arranged horizontally, suspended from a sloping glazed roof above the hotel’s bar and restaurant.

The second stage of the installation required an additional 114 Aerofoil Fins to be applied externally, forming a three sided feature above the hotel’s main entrance. The Fins help to control light, solar heat gain and glare within the hotel’s bar and restaurant, while retaining impressive views outside onto 42nd Street.

Grand Hyatt NY External3 200 x 200The internal and external Aerofoil Fins, all measuring 150mm in width, combine effectively to complete an attractive, yet highly functional Solar Shading solution.

All aluminum components were given a durable powder coating. This was applied as a cool grey colour for internal Fins and a brilliant white colour for external Fins, to complement their surroundings. With its aluminum and stainless steel construction, the Infiniti® Fin system is virtually maintenance free and like all Levolux solar shading systems, it is backed by a three year warranty.

Grand Hyatt NY External4 200 x 200The completed Solar Shading solution at the Grand Hyatt New York gives the hotel a sleek, contemporary new look and also ensures it remains cool naturally, throughout the summer.