December 2008

Hatfield Police Station1 200x200A bespoke Solar Shading solution from Levolux is keeping shady characters at the new HQ for Hertfordshire’s Central Area, Hatfield police station, out of the sun under a unique arcing design.

Following a multi-million pound redevelopment, the new police station is located within a listed art-deco building that used to belong to British Aerospace. With almost 9,000m2 of floor space, it’s home to a wide range of modern resources including a Magistrates Court plus a 40 cell custody facility and exercise yards.

Hatfield Police Station2 200x200It’s here where Levolux’s bespoke Solar Shading design can be seen. Working to a curving steel structure, the company crafted a series of 6m and 4.5m perforated fabricated Fins to elevations located around the two large exercise yards.

While keeping solar heat gain to an absolute minimum, the perforated Fins ensure ample natural light can enter the building. This helps to maintain optimum working conditions for staff, without relying heavily on artificial lighting and cooling methods – reducing energy costs.

Hatfield Police Station3 200x200In addition, an XL Louvre Screen was fitted to the link building and garage area. This further enhances the Solar Shading benefits, while giving a striking aesthetic quality. Virtually maintenance free, the entire Solar Shading structure was finished with a cool grey powder coating.

Installed upon the ultra-sleek, modern example of architecture, designed by architect Vincent and Gorbing, the smooth Louvres and Fins practically and visually complement the new station.

Hatfield Police Station4 200x200Now in operation, the station offers superior working conditions within its striking, state of the art new premises. And, thanks to energy savings from Levolux’s Solar Shading, it will join the nation’s drive to go green at the same time.