January 2010

The Hub Atkins HQ1 200x200When the UK’s largest engineering and design consultancy, Atkins, developed its new HQ in Bristol, it wanted the design to show the world how modern buildings could play a key role in the battle against climate change. Among the many initiatives which enabled the completed 9000m2 office building, known as “The Hub”, to achieve a BREEAM ‘Excellent’ rating is a Levolux Solar Shading solution.

As a world leader in Solar Shading, Levolux was chosen by Atkins to design and install a custom solution comprising of horizontal and vertical extruded Aerofoil Fins with an integral Walkway system. The complete solar shading system helps reduce the building’s dependency on air conditioning, thereby reducing carbon emissions and running costs.

The Hub Atkins HQ2 200x200As much of the building’s design features glazing, external shading was required for the south and east elevations as they receive the most exposure to direct sunlight. Here, Levolux installed 400mm wide aluminium extruded Aerofoil Fins horizontally and vertically, with a combined total length of 2900 metres. Together, they help shield glazed areas from the sun’s rays, while allowing natural daylight to filter through and good outward visibility.

The Hub Atkins HQ3 200x200To complement the Aerofoil Fins, Levolux installed its Walk-on Brise Soleil system, with 320 metres of 750mm wide extruded aluminium walkway, installed at two levels on three elevations. This not only helps to reduce solar heat gain, but also provides a secure platform for maintenance and cleaning of the windows. The entire Solar Shading solution was installed upon pre-installed curtain walling brackets to ensure high structural integrity and a clean, uncompromised appearance.

The Hub Atkins HQ5 200x200The completed Solar Shading system not only improves the efficiency of the building by reducing solar heat gain, but the attractive metallic grey powder coated Fins also enhance the building’s modern design.

Atkins’ new HQ, situated in Bristol’s Aztec West Business Park, now stands as a working example of how eco-conscious design can play a major role in cutting carbon emissions – with Levolux’s bespoke solution an important feature.