June 2014

Allhallows Car Park PN2 200 x 200Following a major refurbishment project, the Allhallows multi-storey car park in Bedford has been given a new lease of life, with energy efficient lighting, solar PV panels and a bright external screening solution from Levolux.

The car park, which was built in 1960, was renowned as one of Bedford’s ugliest. However, in 2013, Bedford Borough Council had plans approved to encompass it into a wider regeneration project, to build a new bus station and improve the surrounding area.

The multi-storey car park required significant repairs to its core structure, along with a new façade that would need to perform effectively in terms of optimising ventilation while being pleasing to the eye.

Allhallows Car Park PN3 200 x 200As the UK’s leading solar shading and screening specialist, Levolux was invited to develop a solution comprising extruded aluminium Vertical Fins, applied to south and west-facing elevations.

In total, Levolux installed 600 triangular-shaped Fins, arranged vertically. The Fins, each measuring 300mm wide by 65mm thick, are fixed at 650mm centres, set at an angle of 20 degrees from the face of the building.

The Fins combine to create an impressive screen, measuring 94 metres long, by 12 metres high. All Fins have been given a durable powder coating, in one of four contrasting colours, from white and pastel blue, to pastel green and light green.


Allhallows Car Park PN4 200 x 200Following a repeating pattern, the Fins create an interesting focal point in the town centre, resembling waves of colour that extend along the building, obscuring the view of unsightly structures.

The newly renovated Allhallows car park, with its colourful screening solution from Levolux, has been transformed into an attractive, well-lit and comfortable parking amenity, for the benefit of Bedford’s residents and visitors. It also marks the start of a regeneration project that will leave a positive legacy for future generations.