May 2010

Battersea Studios2 200x200Boasting 52,000 sq ft of energy efficient office space over five floors, Battersea Studios 2 is packed full of exciting and attractive features, such as an exposed steel roof frame, decked balconies and a custom Timber Fin Solar Shading system from Levolux.

Developed by Helical Bar and designed by Barr Gazetas, Battersea Studios 2 has a distinctive clean, modern appearance, with white rendered walls, floor to ceiling glazing and a selection of vertical and horizontal Western Red Cedar Timber Fins.

Battersea Studios1 200x200Western Red Cedar Timber Fins are a popular choice for use as Brise Soleil, Screening and Cladding. As an alternative to aluminium, Timber Fins are specified for their natural aesthetic qualities, their impressive durability and as an effective form of solar shading. Applied externally to shade glazed areas, Timber Fins can significantly reduce solar heat gain within a building, thereby improving comfort and energy efficiency levels.

Barr Gazetas architects specified Levolux’s natural untreated Western Red Cedar Timber Fins to be installed to form a screened enclosure for two external staircases and internally to screen a staircase leading up from the reception area. In total, 716 Western Red Cedar half elliptical section louvers, each measuring 140mm x 90mm were installed vertically as a simple, yet effective screening solution.

Battersea Studios3 200x200Levolux installed a further 63 horizontal, vertically stacked elliptical Timber Fins externally, to provide shade to two glazed bays. Measuring 300mm x 50mm, these Timber Fins are designed to minimise solar heat gain, which reduces the need for energy sapping air conditioning.

To complete the bespoke Solar Shading solution, Levolux also installed 76 Western Red Cedar rectangular section louvres, each measuring 150mm x 25mm and up to 2.7 metres long, to clad a section of the south east elevation of the building.

Battersea Studios4 200x200All Levolux timber comes from sustainable sources. Virtually maintenance free, Western Red Cedar Timber Fins can be left to weather naturally, taking on an attractive silver grey colour over time. Alternatively, treatments can be applied as required.

Peta Drayton, Associate Director at Barr Gazetas architects was impressed with Levolux’s support. “This was a very challenging project, requiring a fine attention to detail and full commitment in order to satisfy the client’s brief. We were very pleased with the contribution made by Levolux, in helping to translate the original conceptual designs into a cost effective solution.”

Battersea Studios5 200x200Thanks to the custom Timber Fin Solar Shading solution from Levolux, Battersea Studios 2, with its flexible office space, on-site cafe and informal meeting areas, can claim to offer one of the coolest places to work in Battersea.