February 2008

Folkestone Academy1 200x200International award-winning architects Foster + Partners selected Levolux once again to fit another state-of-the-art academy with its celebrated custom solar shading solutions.

A flagship initiative, the Folkestone Academy in Kent is part of a shared regeneration vision. Costing £38m, the purpose-built Academy replaced the town’s Channel School to provide transformed educational opportunities to the children of Folkestone. The Academy buildings are recognised as some of the finest in the country and reflect the high quality of care and facilities available within them.

Folkestone Academy2 200x200Being a seaside town, many people visit Folkestone to soak up the sun. But when it comes to education, it is vital to provide the optimum working temperature and keep classrooms from over heating. Air-conditioning is often heavily relied upon, but in order to keep the Academy’s energy costs to a minimum, Levolux effectively combined a number of solar shading technologies into one efficient solution.

Folkestone Academy3 200x200Inside, the Academy was fitted with 800 Levolux Internal Roller Blinds. Ideal for applications where unsupervised personnel will be operating them, the blinds significantly reduce glare and control light levels. Available in a wide range of flame retardant fabrics, they proved to be an excellent, visually attractive solution.

Folkestone Academy4 200x200Levolux also fitted 400 Aluminium Aerofoil Fins above the entrances and a further 300 Fins on the glazing. These provided an extremely efficient external solar shading system which reduces solar heat gain by 95%.

To complete the project, parts of the building, including a plant room, were screened using Levolux’s Ventilation Louvres. The roof above the sports hall was also covered with the Louvres due to their smart appearance, which screened some unsightly ducting.

Folkestone Academy5 200x200All systems from Levolux are backed with the company’s design, manufacture and installation package. The company’s experience in bespoke solar shading is second to none worldwide.

Identified as Kent County Council’s Centre of Excellence in Media and the Creative Arts, the Folkestone Academy, with the help of Levolux, is set to provide an excellent environment for pupils and teachers alike.