July 2008

AMRC Building1 200x200Sheffield based architects, Bond Bryan Architects, selected Levolux once again for its quality and reputation, this time to fit the internationally acclaimed University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC), with its custom Solar Shading solution.

The £8million AMRC building is one of the UK’s highest scoring bespoke buildings in terms of BREEAM ratings, achieving ‘excellent’ status and was winner of the ‘Commercial Building’ category in the Building Excellence Awards for the South Yorkshire and Humber region.

AMRC Building2 200x200The Levolux Solar Shading system consisted of 20 240mm horizontal untreated Oak Timber Fins, arranged in three vertical stacks, providing protection to the glazed atrium and entrance area, with a series of Aluminium Fins projecting horizontally above the upper floor windows of the building.

The combined Solar Shading system helps to reduce solar heat gain, thereby reducing the need for energy-sapping air conditioning.

AMRC Building3 200x200Bond Bryan Architects have used Levolux on a number of educational and commercial projects, benefiting from their unrivalled experience and specialist expertise. The highly efficient Solar Shading system comprises of contrasting materials which combine effectively to enhance the aesthetics of the building.

Oak Timber Fins were designed to provide an eye-catching, attractive feature around the glazed entrance area, while in contrast, the grey polyester powder coated Aluminium Fins were designed to blend in with the curtain walling.

AMRC Building4 200x200Situated on the new Advanced Manufacturing Park near Rotherham, the award winning building is part of a joint collaboration worth £45million, between world-leaders in the aerospace supply chain, key government offices and international academic institutions. A facility dedicated to developing the new, technology-driven solutions for materials-forming, metal-working, and castings, the AMRC building aims to help ensure UK manufacturing remains globally competitive. The building is home to the research and development arms of Boeing, Rolls Royce and the University of Sheffield.

All systems from Levolux are backed with the company’s design, manufacture and installation package. The company’s experience in bespoke Solar Shading is second to none worldwide.