May 2012

Before swimmers take to the pool this summer in a bid for Olympic glory, they will be inspired by the design of the London Aquatics Centre, with its gravity defying arch-form roof, smooth contoured walls and custom Louvres, courtesy of Levolux.

London Aquatics Centre1 200 x 200Designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, the London Aquatics Centre, the last of the Olympic Park venues to be completed, becomes the gateway to the Olympic Park and is expected to achieve a BREEAM ‘Excellent’ rating. It accommodates two 50 metre pools, a 5 metre deep diving pool, dry training facilities and seating for up to 17,500 spectators.

Levolux supplied and installed a custom arrangement of Louvres for the London Aquatics Centre. The complete solution comprised a Louvre Panel Cladding System with integral Louvred Hatches and Doors, along with operable Screening Louvres.

London Aquatics Centre2 200 x 200More than 2500 Louvre panels have been applied throughout the Aquatics Centre, engineered from extruded aluminium. Louvre panels are facetted to follow the sweeping contours of the building and appear continuous, with hidden fixings. Internal Louvre panels are inclined at an angle of 10 degrees, while external panels are fixed vertically.

Louvre panels combine to form parallelogram-shaped areas at poolside, creating a seamless, ultra-modern aesthetic. Large open slotted sections are set into these areas, with the same shape to complement the overall aesthetic, while allowing air to circulate into concealed service areas. These open slotted sections are backed with stainless steel mesh.

London Aquatics Centre3 200 x 200Incorporated into the Louvre cladding panels are 63 hinged, removable Louvred hatches and 20 Louvred doors. The hatches feature integrated stainless steel fixings and locking mechanisms while the doors are equipped with panic locks, push bars and 3-point locking mechanisms.

To complete the solution, Levolux installed more than 200 manually operable, extruded aluminium Screening Louvres, applied at concourse level and on six vomitory staircases. Featuring a sleek “S” profile with an 80mm pitch, the Louvres effectively screen unsightly service areas from view, while allowing control of airflow to heating and ventilating plant and equipment, which ensures they operate efficiently.

London Aquatics Centre4 200 x 200To complement the overall scheme, the Louvre cladding panels, with integral Louvred hatches have been anodised, while the Louvred doors feature a powder coating, all in a matt dark grey colour. Elsewhere, the manually operable Screening Louvres have also been powder coated in bright yellow or white.

The world-renowned Aquatics Centre pushes the boundaries of architectural technology and brings together a host of innovative features, including a bespoke arrangement of Louvres from Levolux, the UK’s leading Louvre specialist.