April 2008

Peugeot HQ1 200x200When the architects behind Peugeot’s new Coventry HQ were shown Levolux’s Solar Shading products in action at the Arup campus in Solihull, they knew there was only one way to steer their latest high profile project.

The result is a bespoke solar shading solution, designed in consultation with Stephen George and Partners, featuring Levolux’s state of the art external motorised Venetian blind system.

Peugeot HQ2 200x200Located on the south and west facing elevations, its motorised slats shield the vast expanses of glass, which run floor to ceiling, from solar heat gain. This means the £25 million office building remains cooler naturally, without relying on costly and environmentally damaging air conditioning.

The blinds are operated by a standalone, intelligent Levolux control system which adjusts the black aluminium powder coated slats automatically to sunlight conditions.

Peugeot HQ3 200x200Feedback from external sensors ensures the system’s solar shading characteristics are optimised to the weather conditions all year round. For instance, if it’s a dull day, the slats will allow more natural daylight into the building. On brighter days, however, they offer greater protection from the sun, preventing internal temperatures from rising.

Peugeot HQ4 200x200Elsewhere, vertical white powder coated aluminium Aerofoil Fins were added at roof level to screen unsightly plant, while providing ventilation and desirable aesthetics.

The Solar Shading systems at Peugeot’s new HQ are corrosion resistant and can be easily adapted to meet the exact needs of the UK’s most ambitious new build schemes.

Peugeot HQ5 200x200Like all Solar Shading systems from Levolux, the motorised Venetian blinds and Aerofoil Fins are backed with the company’s design, manufacture and installation package.