June 2009

Global Reach Cardiff1 200x200A new, £6.8 million state-of-the-art office development in Cardiff’s Gateway Business Park is designed to impress, with its contemporary, colourful design. Completed to a ‘Grade A’ specification and benefiting from a comprehensive solar shading system from Levolux, Global Reach occupies a prominent position, overlooking Cardiff Bay and neighbouring sports facilities.

Global Reach Cardiff2 200x200Designed to achieve a BREEAM ‘very good’ rating by Powell Dobson Architects and providing 48,000 sq ft of accommodation over four floors, the Global Reach development incorporates a range of attractive features. The most striking of these is a colourful Levolux Solar Shading system which has been applied along three sides and one end of the ‘L’ shaped building.

Global Reach Cardiff3 200x200As the UK’s leading solar shading specialist, Levolux devised a custom solution, comprising of vertical and horizontal fabricated aluminium Aerofoil Fins. 15 four-part vertical, fabricated Aerofoil Fins, each measuring 900mm wide and 11.5 metres in length, were installed along the east facing elevation. Each giant fin is finished with a different coloured powder coating, ranging from light blue to turquoise, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the building and creating a striking design feature.

Global Reach Cardiff4 200x200Elsewhere, 135 horizontal Aerofoil Fins, each measuring 400mm wide and free spanning up to 7.5 metres, were applied to south and west facing elevations, completing the Levolux solution. Arranged in 5 vertical stacks of 15 horizontal fins and finished in a light grey powder coating, the Aerofoil Fins effectively shield glazed areas from the sun’s rays, thereby reducing solar heat gain within the building.

Providing the perfect blend of form and function, the Levolux Solar Shading system creates a cool, comfortable office environment which improves the welfare of workers and increases productivity. By reducing solar heat gain within the building, there is less need for energy sapping air conditioning, which reduces the building’s running costs and carbon emissions. Howard Wainwright of Powell Dobson Architects was particularly pleased with Levolux’s contribution on the project, commenting; “This is a particularly important corner site, where all the aspects of the building needed to respond both to their prominent visual position, and to the full exposure to sun infiltration throughout the day and the seasons. It was a pleasure to have Levolux work closely with us to develop the façade and achieve both an effective and affordable design”.

Global Reach Cardiff5 200x200Like all Solar Shading systems from Levolux, the Aerofoil Fins used on this development are backed by the company’s design, manufacture and installation package, along with a three year warranty.

Boasting one of the premier locations in Cardiff, along with modern, well equipped facilities the HQ styled Global Reach development has taken off – with a helping hand from Levolux.