October 2015

Filwood Green Business Park1 200x200Filwood Green Business Park in Bristol capitalises on the latest innovations in sustainable building technology, including integrated photovoltaic panels, a green roof and a Timber Fin solar shading solution from Levolux.

The bold design of the business park, which was masterminded by Stride Treglown architects alongside C2HM, a leading engineering and programme management company, has been successfully realised. As a result, Filwood Green Business Park becomes the first BREEAM ‘Outstanding’ rated development in the South West.

Filwood Green Business Park2 200x200As the UK’s leading Solar Shading and Screening specialist, Levolux was approached at the design stage to develop a highly sustainable Solar Shading solution, comprising vertical and horizontal Timber Fins.

A series of large vertical Timber Fins have been fitted to the south-east corner and east-facing elevation of the development. In total, 42 Timber Fins, each measuring 650mm wide by 100mm thick, extend 3.4 metres in height.

Not only do the projecting vertical Fins provide effective shade to glazed openings, preventing excessive glare and solar heat gain, but they also create a striking architectural feature.

Filwood Green Business Park3 200x200On the south-facing elevation, Timber Fins have been fixed horizontally in a series of vertical stacks, set at a pitch of 250mm and angled at 10 degrees. The horizontal Timber Fins are smaller, with a width of 188mm and a thickness of 44mm. This allows them to be incorporated into several bays and into a large projecting screen, onto which signage has been fixed.

Horizontal Fins are more effective on south-facing elevations, as the cut-off angle limits the exposure of glazed openings to direct sunlight, thereby preventing excessive solar heat gain from occurring. The effect of the Fins is most noticeable during the summer months, as the building’s interior remains naturally cool without relying on mechanical cooling systems.

Filwood Green Business Park4 200x200All Timber Fins are formed from PEFC Certified Thermowood, which is a lightweight, durable timber, requiring no application of a finish. Due to its production process it is also more stable than untreated softwood, such as Western Red Cedar, while over time it will adopt a silver-grey patina providing long-lasting good looks.

Filwood Green Business Park sets new standards for new city centre, industrial developments. The business park was ‘Highly Commended’ at the 2014 BREEAM Awards in recognition of its interesting blend of eco-friendly, energy efficient features, including the Timber Fin Solar Shading solution, provided by Levolux.

Filwood Green Business Park5 200x200The building aims to achieve a 40% CO2 reduction, and its ongoing performance will be monitored to ensure the park delivers against pre-defined environmental benchmarks (BIM Level 2). The Filwood Green Business Park was also acclaimed as the ‘New Building of the Year’ in the 2Degrees Champions Awards 2015.