July 2011

45 Park Lane Hotel1 200 x 20045 Park Lane in central London has been undergoing a remarkable transformation, including the addition of a Brise Soleil Solar Shading solution, manufactured and installed by Levolux.

Designed by The Office of Thierry W Despont in New York, in collaboration with Paul Davis and Partners, 45 Park Lane is the latest property to be included in the luxury hotel group, Dorchester Collection, and is set to welcome its first guests this summer. It offers 46 luxury rooms, including a penthouse suite, all with stunning views over London’s Hyde Park, together with an ultra-chic bar and an American steak restaurant.

45 Park Lane Hotel2 200 x 200Originally constructed in 1963, the building’s tired concrete facade has been given a dramatic facelift, with the addition of energy efficient, horizontal fixed Aerofoil Fins. Following an original design by The Office of Thierry W Despont, Levolux engineered the Aerofoil Fins to wrap around the building’s curved facade, providing an effective form of shading, but also to create a striking, contemporary aesthetic. This has been enhanced at night when the Fins are illuminated.

400mm wide, extruded aluminium Aerofoil Fins have been applied in vertical stacks above windows on the building’s upper eight floors. This reduces the exposure of windows to direct sunlight, particularly in the summer. By reflecting and absorbing heat from the sun’s rays, Aerofoil Fins can significantly reduce solar heat gain within a building, virtually eliminating the need for air conditioning, which saves energy and reduces CO2 emissions.

45 Park Lane Hotel3 200 x 200In total, Levolux installed 763 lengths of Aerofoil Fins, all fixed at an angle of 30 degrees, which is the optimum angle for countering the sun’s rays when they are at their peak intensity. Of these, 177 lengths of Aerofoil Fin (more than 20%) have been carefully curved to a precise radius, following the contours of the building. This has helped to create a seamless aesthetic of Fins that effectively wrap around the building.

The Aerofoil Fins, with their off-white powder coating, provide a highly effective and attractive addition to the building’s facade.

As evidenced here, the application of external Brise Soleil or Solar Shading is just as important for refurbished buildings as for those constructed from scratch. Levolux Aerofoil Fins can be fixed or motorised, arranged horizontally or vertically and while aluminium is the most popular material used, they can also be formed from timber or glass.

45 Park Lane Hotel4 200 x 200The curved Aerofoil Fins fitted at 45 Park Lane are, like all of Levolux’s solutions, backed by the company’s design, manufacture and installation package.

Following a comprehensive refurbishment of its interior and exterior, including the application of a custom Solar Shading solution from Levolux, this iconic 1960’s building will soon offer a more contemporary form of luxury accommodation for London’s more discerning visitors.