October 2010

Melksham Oak School1 200x200The new £32 million Melksham Oak Community School opened its doors for the first time this summer, welcoming more than 1100 pupils into an exciting, energy efficient and attractive environment, achieved with the help of Levolux.

Designed by AWW architects to achieve a BREEAM ‘Very Good’ rating, the new secondary school comprises seven themed teaching blocks arranged over two storeys, along with a number of facilities being opened up to the local community, including a library, IT suites and a lecture theatre.

Melksham Oak School2 200x200Levolux became involved in the project at an early stage and was invited to develop a comprehensive solution, incorporating Louvred Turrets, Screening Louvres and Solar Shading. These complement the overall scheme by protecting essential mechanical and electrical plant and equipment, helping to create the optimum internal environmental conditions and by presenting an attractive exterior finish.

Levolux designed 35 bespoke Louvred Turrets for installation at roof level. Each turret measures 1600mm high, with lengths of up to 3450mm and widths of up to 1580mm. The upper 600mm of each turret incorporates a single bank of “S” profile, extruded aluminium louvres with a 50mm pitch.

Melksham Oak School3 200x200The bespoke Louvred Turrets feature high density 4mm mesh to prevent ingress from birds and insects, creating a protected, ventilated enclosure within which mechanical and electrical plant and equipment can operate efficiently. Secured to concrete up-stands, each turret is finished with an attractive dark grey matt powder coating.

Elsewhere, Levolux drew on its unrivalled expertise to develop a series of Screening and Ventilation Louvre panels. Western Red Cedar Timber Louvres were installed within wall mounted frames to screen plant room equipment from view. The Western Red Cedar Timber Louvres are an attractive alternative to aluminium and introduce a more natural aesthetic, in-keeping with the school’s rural setting.

Melksham Oak School4 200x200In addition, extruded aluminium Screening Louvres, with a pitch of 100mm, were installed at roof level, effectively screening unsightly plant and equipment from view below.

To complete the solution, Levolux installed 18 lengths of 200mm wide extruded aluminium Aerofoil Fins, externally above south facing windows and a glazed reception area on two of the teaching blocks. The Aerofoil Fins are fixed horizontally with a projection of up to 1800mm, angled to limit the exposure of glazed areas to direct sunlight. This significantly reduces solar heat gain within the building, which minimises the building’s need for air conditioning.

All Solar Shading and Ventilation Louvre systems from Levolux are backed by the company’s design, manufacture and installation package.

Melksham Oak School5 200x200The Melksham Oak Community School is transforming education provision in Melksham, Wiltshire, replacing the 1950’s built George Ward School which closed in June. The new school is vastly more efficient and has created a more pleasant environment in which to learn, thanks in part to Levolux.