January 2009

Aardman Animations1 200x200The world’s coolest animation team are now even cooler thanks to Levolux’s innovative Timber Fin Solar Shading system at the new Aardman Animations offices and studios, based in Bristol.

Levolux’s Sweet Chestnut Timber Fin solar shading system perfectly compliments the designer’s modern vision. Visible above all of the building’s glazing, it not only offers a contemporary look, but also virtually eliminates solar heat gain, helping to create a comfortable internal environment, all year round.

Aardman Animations2 200x200Designed by Alec French Architects, the animation company’s £7.6 million new facility incorporates a modern mix of glazed blockwork, insulated render and a combination of European Cedar and Sweet Chestnut timber cladding. This is a feature that carries on within the building, with elaborate joinery using different types of timber.

Levolux’s Timber Fins were the ideal choice to compliment the external timber cladding and enhance the building’s aesthetic. Arranged over three floors in a series of horizontal projections above glazed areas, the Timber Fins have a trapezoidal profile, measuring 155 x 55mm.

Aardman Animations3 200x200Levolux Timber Fins are designed to reduce solar heat gain by blocking the sun’s rays. This helps to cool the building naturally, virtually eliminating the need for air conditioning. Not only does this save Aardman Animations significantly on running costs, but it also reduces the office’s environmental impact and carbon emissions.

Now settled into their new facility, the various animators, technicians and management teams inside can continue their work on award winning features, such as Wallace & Gromit, in a cool and comfortable environment.

In addition to the Levolux Timber Fin Solar Shading system, the new Aardman Animations offices and studios have been designed with various eco-friendly features such as a green roof system, exposed concrete soffits and mixed mode ventilation.

Aardman Animations4 200x200The Sweet Chestnut timber used by Levolux for its Timber Fins, as with all other timber supplied by Levolux, was sustainably sourced. This leaves the client in complete confidence that, by working with Levolux, each project has a minimal impact on the environment.

All Levolux Solar Shading systems are designed to last and are backed up by the company’s three year warranty for additional peace of mind.