May 2012

The School of Management building at Royal Holloway, University of London, was recently extended as part of a £3 million project, which included the application of an advanced Solar Shading solution from Levolux.

RHU Moore Building Extension1 200 x 200The School of Management is one of the College’s largest departments, occupying the Moore Building, which now benefits from an impressive two-storey extension. The extension transforms the School’s learning and office spaces, with meeting rooms, circulation areas, flexible work pods, a new reception and offices for administrative staff.

The BREEAM ‘Very Good’ rated extension is equipped with an iconic, multi-coloured Solar Shading solution which was designed, manufactured and installed by Levolux. Applied externally in front of full-height glazed panels, the Solar Shading solution makes a striking addition to the building’s facade, creating a new identity for the School and helping to maintain a cool, comfortable environment, 365 days a year.

RHU Moore Building Extension2 200 x 200Using its revolutionary Infiniti® Fin system, Levolux devised a Solar Shading solution comprising 70 fixed, vertical Aerofoil Fins, formed from extruded aluminium. Each Fin measures 400mm in depth and 4.7 metres in height, fixed at varying angles. Arranged across prominent south-east and south-west facing elevations at first floor level, the Fins effectively limit the exposure of glazing to direct sunlight.

The angle of the Fins provides the optimum level of shade to control solar heat gain and glare levels, particularly in the summer. The openness of the Fins allows natural daylight to filter through into the central atrium at the core of the building. Using natural methods to maintain a cool and bright environment reduces the building’s need for artificial lighting and cooling systems, which in turn, significantly reduces the building’s carbon footprint.

RHU Moore Building Extension3 200 x 200Unlike other Solar Shading systems that rely on ‘bird-mouth’ type fixings, which can be less stable and unsightly, Levolux’s Infiniti® Fin system features unique concealed fixings, for a clean, uncompromised aesthetic. The Fins are secured with an integral stainless steel locking plate, which ensures an exceptionally strong and durable installation.

Each vertical Aerofoil Fin used on the Moore Building extension is finished in a highly durable, matt green powder coating. Eight shades of green were chosen, arranged in a random pattern which complements the overall scheme and allows the building to blend in with its leafy surroundings.

RHU Moore Building Extension4 200 x 200Like all Solar Shading systems from Levolux, the Infiniti Fin system chosen for the Moore Building extension is backed with the company’s design, manufacture and installation package.

With its energy efficient design, enhanced by the Levolux Infiniti Fin Solar Shading system, the Moore Building extension provides high quality, modern facilities for students and teachers alike. This can only enhance the status of the College’s School of Management, in what is a highly competitive environment.