June 2018

Glass balustrading, Infiniti Fin system and XL Screening Louvres

Glass balustrading, Infiniti Fin system and XL Screening LouvresA striking new 3-storey HQ office development for Kays Medical in Liverpool creates a cool environment for staff and visitors, thanks to Levolux’s external solar shading, screening and balustrading solution.

As the UK’s leading provider of medical supplies, first-aid training and health and safety training, Kays Medical chose to relocate from its Shaw Street premises to a new state-of-the-art office and warehouse facility at Glass balustrading, Infiniti Fin system and XL louvresSpeke Estuary Business Park.

The 50,000 sq. ft. development is designed by Denovo Design architects to harness the latest energy saving technology. A key aspect of the design concerned the application of external solar shading or brise soleil for the building’s south-facing elevation.

With its unrivalled track record, Levolux was the natural choice to deliver the solar shading, in addition to the screening and balustrading solutions for the new Kays Medical HQ development. Levolux’s Infiniti Fin system, ‘Z’-shaped screening louvres and frameless glass balustrading system proved to be the winning formula.

Glass balustrading, Infiniti Fin system and XL louvresThe £4.5 million development comprises a three-storey office building, attached to a large warehouse facility. Its south-facing elevation, which incorporates the main entrance, features full-height glazing to maximise daylight levels and outward visibility for occupants. Without an effective form of solar control, the large expanse of glass would also make the building susceptible to excessive glare and solar heat gain.

To counter these risks, Levolux utilised its patented Infiniti Fin system to create a series of vertically stacked, horizontal aerofoil-shaped fins to provide shading where it is most effective. The 300mm wide fins, which are engineered from extruded aluminium, are grouped together into three horizontal bands that extend across the building.

Glass balustrading, Infiniti Fin system and XL screening louvresTwo lower bands of fins, above ground and first floor openings, comprise nine fins. An additional band of four fins provides shading across third floor openings. All fins are fixed at 90 degrees from vertical and are set at a pitch of 175mm.

The south-facing elevation also features a 33-metre-long balcony, with a 1-metre-wide walkway accessible from three locations on the second floor. Levolux is renowned as a balustrading specialist, offering both vertical post and glass systems.

Glass balustrading, Infiniti Fin system and XL Screening LouvresFor the Kays Medical HQ, Levolux provided a frameless glass balustrading system that extends continuously along the second-floor balcony. 25.5mm thick laminated glass panels, each measuring 1.2 metres high and 1.2 metres wide, combine to form a continuous, frameless balustrade. The glass is topped by a slimline aluminium handrail.

A specially developed, extruded aluminium glass carrier, which is fixed back to steelwork at 200mm centres, ensures the glass panels remain secure.

Glass balustrading, Infiniti Fin System and XL Screening LouvresIn addition to the brise soleil and balustrading, Levolux’s XL Screening Louvres were also chosen for this project to screen plant and equipment located at roof level. The roof plant area, measuring 11 metres long by 5 metres wide, is enclosed by a 1.7-metre-high barrier, formed from inverted ‘Z’-shaped louvres. The louvres, which are fixed horizontally at a pitch of 140mm, are formed from extruded aluminium.

All aerofoil-shaped fins and ‘Z’-shaped louvres have been given a highly durable powder coating, with an attractive light grey matt finish.

Now complete, the new HQ development for Kays Medical, which benefits from Levolux’s solar shading, screening and balustrading solutions, creates comfortable and energy efficient accommodation for staff and visitors. It also provides the extra space and capacity the company needs for future expansion.