April 2009

North Kent Police1 200x200Another Levolux Solar Shading system is helping to lock down the optimum working environment for staff and visitors at the new £30 million North Kent Police station in Northfleet.

The state-of-the-art 11,500 square metre development was designed to replace aged and cramped facilities in Gravesend and Dartford. The new headquarters building is now ready to meet the increasing challenge of 21st century policing.

The facilities are outstanding and special attention has been placed on achieving quality working conditions throughout the year.

North Kent Police2 200x200To ensure the working environment is maintained at the optimum temperature, with good levels of natural daylight, Levolux proposed a highly effective Solar Shading solution, utilising 200mm aluminium Fins, Walk-on-Brise Soleil and a support structure. The Solar Shading system minimises solar heat gain and controls glare to create ideal conditions in four key areas, including a 40-cell custody block, the energy block, a forensic lab and a restaurant.

By reducing solar heat gain, the building achieves impressive energy efficiency levels as the need for air conditioning is minimised. With spiraling fuel costs, Solar Shading is now an essential, non-mechanical method of keeping internal temperatures down, helping to save energy and reduce carbon emissions.

North Kent Police3 200x200The Solar Shading system was not only chosen for its eco-friendly qualities, but also for its attractive aesthetics, by enhancing the appearance of this innovative development. As a final touch, the specification called for the Fins to be anodised in a blue-grey finish, which give the building a distinctive, sleek appearance.

As well as the Solar Shading, Levolux installed an extensive Ventilation Louvre system using its extruded aluminium Louvres, complete with doors for access. This provides the perfect solution to screen unsightly rooftop plant and equipment from view.

North Kent Police4 200x200This is another in a long line of high profile, successful projects by Levolux, which is truly making a difference to the environment, communities and individuals.

All products in Levolux’s Solar Shading range can be custom designed to fit almost any project brief. For truly effective energy efficiency with eye-catching aesthetics, Fins can be specified in a number of materials and finishes. Every design benefits from the best results time and time again.