July 2010

Q-Park MSCP Liverpool1 200x200To help accommodate visitors to Liverpool ONE, a major retail, residential and leisure centre, Q-Park developed a new 550-space multi-storey car park with an architecturally impressive Solar Shading system from Levolux.

Located on Hanover Street, the elegant car-park has been designed around the needs of visitors, creating a safe and secure parking facility, which is spacious, well lit and naturally ventilated.

Providing easy access to the myriad of shops, restaurants and cultural attractions on offer in the centre of Liverpool, the multi-storey car-park serves a vital role in supporting the local economy. Retail and office space is also accommodated within the development, which occupies a prominent detached position.

Q-Park MSCP Liverpool2 200x200The building appears unlike other multi-storey car-parks, with attractive red brickwork, topped with an extensive, intricate arrangement of aluminium Aerofoil Fins. In total, Levolux installed almost 2500m2 of Solar Shading, in the form of horizontal and vertical Aerofoil Fins.

The extruded aluminium Aerofoil Fins combine together to enhance the building’s aesthetics by obscuring the view of parked vehicles, exposed building structures and plant equipment from the streets below. The Fins are also designed to shade windows and openings, which dramatically reduces unwanted solar heat gain, while allowing daylight to filter through and air to circulate.

Q-Park MSCP Liverpool3 200x200Levolux installed its 300mm wide horizontal Aerofoil Fins in vertical panels on three elevations, fixed at progressively decreasing angles from top to bottom. In contrast, 450mm wide, vertical Aerofoil Fins were installed on two elevations. These are also fixed at varying angles, creating an attractive aesthetic of waves of light and shade that changes as you pass along the building.

In addition, the Fins provide effective shading to windows and openings, particularly at lower levels, countering the movement of the sun as it passes overhead. With stainless steel fixings and a natural anodised finish, contrasting with the red brickwork, the Fins are engineered to last and are virtually maintenance free.

Q-Park MSCP Liverpool5 200x200All Solar Shading systems from Levolux are backed by the company’s design, manufacture and installation package.

The Liverpool ONE project has transformed the city’s retail landscape, helping it become one of the most significant and architecturally impressive in Britain. With the help of well-designed facilities, such as the Q-Park multi-storey car-park on Hanover Street, with its custom Levolux Solar Shading system, its popularity will not be short-lived.