December 2007

Kier London HQ2 200x200Kier Construction London is building a greener future at its new HQ with state of the art solar shading products from Levolux.

To get the full benefits of solar shading, both financial and environmental, the project, in Loughton, Essex, enlisted the expertise of UK specialists Levolux to provide the perfect bespoke solution.

Kier London HQ4 200x200Walk on Brise Soleil, partnered by a vertical stack of 200mm extruded aluminium Fins, shades the many windows along the building’s south elevation from direct sunlight.

By reducing the greenhouse effect caused by the sun’s rays on the glass, the building is kept cool naturally. This restricts the need for expensive cooling systems and makes the building’s carbon footprint much smaller as well as keeping staff comfortable through the warmer summer months.

Kier London HQ3 200x200In addition, the anodised Walk on Brise Soleil provides a rigid platform to allow maintenance work and window cleaning to be carried out safely as well as providing effective shading. This is a necessity for the amount of glass used in the design of the building.

On the roof, Levolux VLS100 Vent Louvres provide ventilation to the plant room, keeping the building’s vital machines cool and working at optimum efficiency by allowing sufficient natural ventilation to the area.

The Walk on Brise Soleil, aluminium Fins and Vent Louvres used on the Kier HQ are part of comprehensive range of solar shading systems offered by Levolux.

Kier London HQ5 200x200All of Levolux’s systems are subject to rigid quality standard and are backed with the company’s design, manufacture and installation package.