June 2008

Stevenage Police1 200x200A state of the art, £13million extension at Stevenage Police Station, Hertfordshire, will see more than its fair share of shady characters thanks to a bespoke solution from Levolux, the UK’s leading Solar Shading specialists.

Comprising a 24-cell custody suite, office accommodation and a reception area, the new facilities are set to make a positive contribution to tackling crime in the local community.

Stevenage Police2 200x200Working closely with architect, Vincent & Gorbing, Levolux devised a solar shading solution combining extruded and perforated aluminium Fins. Designed to control solar heat gain, the Levolux solution reduces the need for costly air conditioning while helping to create a cool, naturally lit, comfortable environment for staff and visitors throughout the year.

Extruded aluminium 400mm wide Fins, 120 in total and each spanning 6 metres, were attached to steel ‘arms’ protruding horizontally at roof level to create a fixed canopy. Elsewhere, 120 perforated, 1000mm wide Fins, also spanning 6 metres, were vertically stacked to provide further shade to the south facing façade.

Stevenage Police3 200x200The entire Solar Shading package was finished in an attractive metallic silver polyester powder coating. Mark Chandler, Architect and Director of Vincent and Gorbing, was particularly pleased with the design: “We have used solar control principles with passive ventilation to the upper floors, in particular to the south facing façade and the materials chosen reflect the tonal quality of the existing building.”

Stevenage Police4 200x200Like all Solar Shading systems from Levolux, the Aerofoil Fins chosen for Stevenage Police Station are backed with the company’s design, manufacture and installation package.