November 2007

Ellesmere Care Home1 200x200Levolux’s state-of-the-art shading system was the only choice for an award-winning building, the Ellesmere Residential Care Home, to help keep its patients cool and comfortable.

Recently awarded ‘Best Design for Care’ at the Building Better Healthcare Awards, Ellesmere is fully versed in modern, functional and outstanding building design. The two-storey new build is situated next to Chelsea and Westminster hospital.

Ellesmere Care Home2 200x200When it came to choosing a hi-tech shading system – one that would complement its award-winning ethos – only a design-led solution like Levolux would fit.

Working closely with HLM Architects, Levolux designed a bespoke external shading system. The solution combines sliding timber louvered panels fixed onto a softly snaking horizontal track flowing along two glazed elevation of the care home.

Ellesmere Care Home3 200x200It was designed specifically because HLM architects and the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea didn’t want to incorporate fixed external fins; the team wanted a system so flexible that the building’s occupants could control their own shading needs.

The versatile system created by Levolux gave the nursing home total freedom over where to position it – safe in the knowledge that it could be quickly and easily moved if needs changed.

Ellesmere Care Home5 200x200The system created by Levolux included 20 metre long courier rails, custom-made to run along the shallow curved exterior of the new building. The timber louvered panels are mounted on running gear and are hung on the rails, allowing them to be effortlessly moved along the rails.

Fitted at first floor level, the louvres are produced in Western Red cedar. They are then mounted into aluminum frames to create 11 panels, each 2.6 metres long by 1.5 metres wide. A neat locking system holds the panels in place, to stop them from moving along the rails in strong winds. As required, these can be opened, to allow the panels to be repositioned along the rails.

Ellesmere Care Home4 200x200Levolux panels are now providing a truly effective method of controlling light and solar heat gain within the nursing home environment. Natural light can still enter the building, without the louvres obscuring outward views. Being virtually maintenance free, the system is also simple to manage.

With its vast range of custom designed systems available, and in an array of finishes, Levolux delivers top class results to every project.