February 2008

CBX III 900 Milton Keynes1 200x200Levolux has delivered huge potential cost savings to the new Central Business Exchange (CBX) III 900 building in Milton Keynes – a new mixed use development. The Levolux Solar Shading solution effectively wraps around two sides of the building to reduce solar heat gain and enhance the building’s aesthetics.

The £8.5 million development, situated in Midsummer Boulevard in Milton Keynes, was designed by Q2 architects and is 7 storeys high. This is the latest in a line of successful projects Levolux has worked on with these architects.

CBX III 900 Milton Keynes2 200x200The architects specified the company’s 400mm wide extruded Aerofoil Fins to be installed with mitred corners to fit around the edge of the building. Each Fin measured three metres long and the construction scaled an extensive 17.5 metres.

Constructed from powder coated aluminium, the Fins not only give the development a unique and attractive appearance, but they also play a hugely practical role in the running of the centre. By significantly reducing solar heat gain, the need for air conditioning is reduced. This means the building will enjoy energy cost savings, especially throughout the summer months.

CBX III 900 Milton Keynes3 200x200As so much of the exterior of the building is constructed of glass and with Solar Shading spanning the length of one elevation, Levolux installed a maintenance walkway as part of the system to provide easy access for window cleaning and maintenance.

CBX III 900 Milton Keynes4 200x200