February 2016

Arts University Bournemouth1 200x200As part of a wider campus redevelopment at the Arts University Bournemouth (AUB), a new extension to its Photography department has been completed, featuring a custom Glass Fin Solar Shading solution from Levolux.

The four-storey extension provides a new gateway into the AUB Campus in Poole, incorporating a full height entrance foyer and spacious circulation areas, linking to flexible teaching space, IT suites and a lecture theatre.

Arts University Bournemouth2 200x200Following an ambitious masterplan by Design Engine, the design of the extension is influenced by photographic processes. This is evident on the west-facing external façade, in the form of vertical Glass Fins, which were designed, supplied and installed by Levolux.

As a world leader in solar shading and screening solutions, Levolux was approached to develop a custom solution for the AUB. This comprises a series of vertical glass fins formed from laminated, toughened glass and integrated walkways with balustrades.

Arts University Bournemouth4 200x200A digitally printed PVB interlayer has been incorporated into each Glass Fin, which creates an intricate pattern of camera shutter icons. The glass fins effectively shield the building’s glazed envelope against direct sunlight. This helps to reduce unwanted solar heat gain, while optimising daylight levels throughout the building.

A total of 74 glass fins were installed on the west-facing elevation, divided between 3 levels. The 25mm thick glass fins are either 300mm, 400mm or 550mm deep and also vary in length, from 2.8 metres up to 4.7 metres with an even distribution that covers the building from the first floor to the roof.

Arts University Bournemouth3 200x200To complement the scheme, the glass fins are set approximately 600mm in front of the buildings’ glazed façade, in front of integral walkways. The inclusion of 500mm wide mesh walkways not only provides additional solar shading, but also provides convenient access to the façade at each level, for routine cleaning and maintenance.

The walkways extend almost 14 metres across the width of the building. For additional safety, each walkway is fitted with a 1.1 metre high handrail and a 1.1 metre high internal balustrade has been fitted at third floor level with an integral door that opens onto a roof terrace.

As a fixed solar shading solution, the glass fins, integral walkways, balustrading and associated brackets, which are engineered from premium quality components, are built to last and are virtually maintenance free.

Arts University Bournemouth5 200x200The Arts University Bournemouth (AUB) is nationally and internationally recognised as a leading university, specialising in art, design, media and performance. Its new Photography department building, with its unusual camera shutter inspired glass fin solar shading solution from Levolux, will further underline this status.