June 2015

As the UK’s leading Solar Shading and Screening specialist, Levolux continues to innovate, with a wide range of feature-packed products, such as its 760SX High Performance internal Roller Blinds.

Levolux’s 760SX High Performance Roller Blind system is differentiated from those available from other companies by its unique controlled ascent and descent feature. This has been developed by Levolux to ensure that a series of blinds can be easily raised or lowered to a number of pre-determined levels to deliver a neat, uniform appearance.

60 TNS Blinds1 200 x 200Controlled ascent and descent blinds are most beneficial when applied across a glazed facade. Internal roller blinds that are operable individually and without pre-set levels, can present an irregular and untidy appearance to those who occupy the building, particularly in open plan offices, and to those who observe the building from outside.

To overcome these shortcomings, Levolux engineered its 760SX internal Roller Blinds to incorporate optional controlled ascent or descent functionality. For example, in the case of controlled ascent blinds, a unique tensioned mechanism incorporating a centrifugal decelerator allows a blind to be lowered by a continuous bead chain to a pre-set level.

A series of small cleats are fitted down the edge of each opening, offering pre-determined levels of operation, perhaps with 3 intervals. The bead chain is then simply hooked into a cleat to secure the blind at the desired level, be that partially closed, half closed or fully closed. Upon release, the tensioned mechanism gently retracts the blind back up to the head box.

60 TNS Blinds2 200 x 200Levolux’s 760SX High Performance Roller Blind system is the only manually operated system that is purpose-designed to deliver a clean, uniform appearance. This has helped make it the system of choice for architects, particularly when specifying internal blinds to be fitted in new and refurbished buildings with a glazed envelope.