May 2013

The London 2012 Media Centre in east London, the fifth of the six Olympic venues to be constructed, is equipped with a host of energy efficient and highly flexible features, including a custom Solar Shading solution, from Levolux.

London 2012 Media Centre1 200 x 200Occupying a canal-side location in the North West corner of the London 2012 Olympic Park, the Media Centre, which was designed by Allies and Morrison, comprises the International Broadcasting Centre (IBC) and Main Press Centre (MPC), with a combined floor area of 110,000 sq metres.

The huge £297 million complex, which is arranged around a central ‘high street’, played host to more than 20,000 media workers during the London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, allowing them to broadcast to a global audience in excess of 4 billion people.

london-2012-media-centre5-200-x-200During the Games, the Main Press Centre was home to hundreds of journalists and photographers working around the clock, using state-of-the-art digital technology to capture and share information about events as they unfolded.

Maintaining a carefully controlled, comfortable working environment was critical to ensure a first-class service could be delivered throughout the Games. This is also a vital element to attract tenants as the building passed into legacy use. To facilitate this, Levolux was London 2012 Media Centre2 200 x 200invited to develop a custom, external Solar Shading solution.

Working closely with the architects, Levolux devised a solution comprising its Sunbreaker Brise Soleil system and its Infiniti® Fin system. These were applied across and above glazed openings.

The Sunbreaker Brise Soleil system is used to form a series of horizontal projections fixed above glazed openings on all four floors. Applied to the south-west and south-east elevations, the horizontal projections are formed from 850mm deep single skin perforated aluminium louvres, secured between profile cut end plates.

London 2012 Media Centre3 200 x 200Where perforated projections are applied above ground floor openings, recessed back into a series of bays, aluminium drop rods have been incorporated, helping them achieve spans of almost 8 metres.

In total, Levolux provided 174 pre-assembled perforated panels, with a combined length of more than 700 metres. These help to prevent excessive solar heat gain, while maximising daylight levels and allowing unobstructed outward visibility.

Levolux also fitted its Infiniti Fin system in six vertical sections, applied to the south-west and north east elevations. To blend in with the adjacent corrugated cladding panels, Levolux used oval-shaped Fins, each measuring 40mm high by 60mm deep, arranged horizontally across glazed panels. In total the extruded aluminium tubular Fins cover an area of 50 square metres, creating a seamless external aesthetic, which continues across full-height openings.

To complete the solution, Levolux used its Infiniti Fin system again, but this time with rectangular shaped Fins, applied horizontally, extending more than 150 metres above ground floor openings on the north east elevation. The continuous Fin creates a canopy measuring 350mm deep by 75mm high, formed from extruded aluminium components.

London 2012 Media Centre4 200 x 200The perforated Brise Soleil projections applied to the upper three floors are finished in a striking sunflower yellow powder coating, while all other components are finished in a subtle grey powder coating, complementing the overall scheme. Levolux’s Triniti® curtain walling brackets were also incorporated into the scheme to introduce a unique thermal and acoustic break. This also eliminates the risk of interstitial condensation from occurring.

Almost a year after the Games, as the Main Press Centre prepares for legacy use, new tenants are being finalised. Following a £100 million transformation, the complex will re-open in 2014 as a new hi-tech creative hub. Thanks to the custom external solar shading solution, from Levolux and other sustainable features, the Main Press Centre is ideally equipped to serve at the heart of this complex, impressing a global audience once again.