August 2012

While holidaymakers relax this summer in the new £25m Wave Hotel at Butlin’s Bognor Regis resort, they will be reassured to know they are occupying an ‘intelligent’ building, which employs passive methods to control heat and light, such as a sleek Solar Shading solution from Levolux.

Butlins Wave Hotel1 200 x 200The eight storey building which was designed by PWP Architects lies to the west of the Bognor Regis holiday resort, occupying a prominent position with impressive sea views to the south. The hotel’s nautical theme is apparent throughout the development, from its sweeping white-clad exterior and generously glazed communal areas to its tiered balconies, resembling a cruise ship.

The building’s main entrance is situated at the south-east corner of the ‘L’ shaped building, set within a curved, glazed exterior. To ensure the hotel’s double-height reception remains cool and comfortable is glazed exterior is equipped with a custom Solar Shading solution, supplied and installed by Levolux, the UK’s leading specialist.

Butlins Wave Hotel2 200 x 200In-keeping with the nautical theme, Levolux developed a vertical stack of fixed, rectangular shaped Fabricated Fins that stretch seamlessly across and around the building’s curved facade, rising and falling like a series of waves. Each Fin measures 100mm thick by up to 400mm deep, with a maximum projection of 500mm from the building.

Engineered from extruded aluminium components and fixed at an angle of 90 degrees, the Fins are designed to limit the amount of direct sunlight passing through glazed openings, while allowing unobstructed views outside. They significantly reduce the risk of excessive solar heat gain within the building, which helps to satisfy the legislative requirements of Building Regulations Part L2A.

Butlins Wave Hotel3 200 x 200Levolux’s Fins are chosen by architects time and time again when specifying Solar Shading or Brise Soleil. They not only help to control solar heat gain and maximise daylight levels, but also create a striking external aesthetic that is both attractive a compelling, as evidenced at the Wave hotel.

All Fins used on this project are finished in a bright white matt powder coating, complementing the building’s white, rendered cladding.

Butlins Wave Hotel4 200 x 200Butlins recently celebrated its 75th anniversary and the opening of its Wave Hotel and Apartments represents its most ambitious development in its history. The high-tech hotel is set to make a positive impression to guests this summer as they arrive into a cool, comfortable environment, partly thanks to Levolux’s Solar Shading solution.