February 2016

Primark Fort Kinnaird1 200x200Primark, the popular high street brand recently opened an exciting new store at the Fort Kinnaird shopping park in Edinburgh, equipped with a dazzling external screening solution from Levolux.

Fort Kinnaird is the UK’s second largest shopping park, with over 500,000 sq ft of open A1 retail and leisure space. The 40,100 sq ft Primark store is now one of the most distinctive on the park.

Primark Fort Kinnaird2 200x200Designed by 3D Reid architects, the revamped retail unit, which was formerly occupied by Toys-R-Us, has been comprehensively refurbished and refitted. This included reformatting the interior and redressing the building’s exterior, with the addition of glazing, illuminated signage and a custom Levolux screening solution.

Primark Fort Kinnaird3 200x200The solution, which is applied to the store’s façade along the front and on both sides, comprises a combination of 200mm wide rectangular fins and 300mm wide, twisted aerofoil-shaped fins. All fins are formed from single-piece aluminium extrusions, which are designed, fabricated and installed by Levolux.

The store’s projecting entrance element has been extended in height and fitted with a central glazed section. This element of the store is now wrapped in aerofoil-shaped fins, each measuring 300mm wide by 56mm thick, standing vertically and set at a pitch of 310mm. The fins, which extend to 8 metres in height, are twisted through 180 degrees, from first floor, to roof level.

Primark Fort Kinnaird4 200x200As the foremost provider of custom screening solutions, Levolux is renowned for delivering eye-catching, innovative architectural features, whether they incorporate twists, curves, decorative perforations or illumination.

The twisted fins incorporated into this Primark store create a dynamic exterior aesthetic which changes as you pass along the building. Either side of the entrance, the store’s façade continues at a lower height. On these elevations, rectangular-shaped fins, each measuring 200mm wide by 60mm thick, have been applied. These extend 4.6 metres in height from first floor to roof level.

Primark Fort Kinnaird5 200x200Unlike the aerofoil fins, the rectangular fins, which are based on Levolux’s popular Infiniti Fin system, are not twisted. Instead, while they are also fixed vertically, they are set at an angle of 45 degrees and at a pitch of 250mm. The contrasting lines created by the vertical fins effectively reduces the visual impact of the building by separating its key elements. The store’s ultra-modern façade has been optimised to project Primark’s distinctive brand identity.

All aluminium fins provided by Levolux feature an attractive, shiny bronze anodised finish. In contrast, the horizontal aluminium carrier rails, which support the fins, are finished in a durable, matt black powder coating.

The array of vertical fins is emphasised at night, with the help of subtle integrated LED lighting.

Andrew Armstrong, Divisional Director at 3DReid architects was impressed with Levolux’s contribution on this project, commenting: “Levolux provided significant assistance with the design of the screening solution. They demonstrated a very pro-active and professional approach throughout the project. This was instrumental in translating the design concept into a practical and cost effective solution that exceeded our expectations.”

Levolux has contributed on projects for some of the UK’s leading retailers, such as M&S, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrison’s and of course Primark. Its new store at Fort Kinnaird, which has been dramatically revamped, is already providing a boost to the local economy and has created more than 200 new jobs for the local community.