March 2010

40 Bank Street1 200x20040 Bank Street in London’s Canary Wharf, the UK’s eighth tallest building, has a new Levolux Glass Fin Roof Enclosure, creating a sleek appearance that can be seen for miles around.

40 Bank Street, which is occupied by some of the world’s leading financial services companies and law firms, required additional generators and plant to be installed at roof level. To ensure the modifications to the 153 metre building would not detract from architect, Cesar Pelli and Associates’ original design (now Pelli Clarke Pelli), a new Glass Fin Roof Enclosure was designed and installed by Levolux – screening plant from view.

40 Bank Street2 200x200The bespoke screening solution comprises 336 Glass Fins and an attractive stainless steel and aluminium frame that reaches 6 metres in height, cloaks the additional generators. To further enhance the building’s good looks, the fins were laminated with a tinted blue-finish that mimics that used on the original building and the frame was finished with a light grey powder-coating.

40 Bank Street3 200x200While the Glass Fins offer a highly attractive method of concealing the plant equipment, they also allow good natural ventilation allowing the generators to operate efficiently. Heat from the generators can dissipate quickly, preventing them from over-heating.

From all angles and from any height, the 33 storey building appears with flawless clean lines that run from the bottom to the very top. The Levolux Glass Fin Roof Enclosure effectively screens plant from view, whilst providing a striking visual feature that enhances the building’s overall appearance.

40 Bank Street4 200x200Complete with the bespoke Levolux Glass Fin screening solution, 40 Bank Street presents a bold impression across London’s skyline.