Levolux is a leading provider of balcony solutions, with a host of innovative features to satisfy the most challenging project specific requirements. With its dedicated balcony assembly unit, Levolux is able to produce fully assembled balconies in a variety of shapes and sizes. A steel frame provides the base, which is specially adapted to integrate with first fix brackets. Utilising an innovative fixing method the process of slinging and attaching balconies onto a building is incredibly simple and minimises the use of a crane, freeing it up to complete other tasks. Balconies typically feature toughened glass balustrading, topped with a slimline aluminium handrail. A variety of materials can be used for decking and to create soffit panels.

System Construction

All components are subject to rigid quality standards. Project specific designs are translated into cost-effective solutions. All components are assembled, finished and checked at Levolux’s Balcony Assembly Unit. The main components of Levolux’s Balcony solutions could include:

  • First Fix Brackets – Custom steel brackets are engineered to allow balconies to be lifted and bolted into position quickly and easily.
  • Welded Steel Frame – High-grade steel frames provide the base for each balcony and can be engineered into any shape and size.
  • Soffit Panels – A range of materials can be used to form the soffit of each balcony, usually these are formed from durable composite, interlocking panels.
  • Decking – Available in a range of materials, including timber, composite or metal, with a choice of colour, finish and non-slip surfaces.
  • Fascia Panels – Levolux utilises an innovative extruded aluminium glass carrier section to secure the glass balustrading. The custom extrusion provides an uncompromised aesthetic and is available with a choice of colour and surface finish.
  • Glass Balustrading – Toughened glass panels are available in a range of thicknesses and finishes, including the option of using laminated glass with a coloured interlayer.
  • Horizontal Handrail – Handrails are typically formed from extruded aluminium, but are also available in stainless steel or timber, with a choice of profiles and a range of sizes.