Control Systems

Control Systems
Levolux offers a wide range of control systems that can be integrated with motorised Blinds, Louvres and associated operable products, including sliding panels and gates. Levolux has developed a range of electronic control systems, including:

  • The Levolux Multicontroller, a highly sophisticated and flexible control system for the current generation of environmentally friendly buildings.
  • The Levolux remote control system, and custom control systems, using programmable logic controllers (PLCs).
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System Components
All electrical components are subject to rigid quality standards and are designed to produce a high performance product. Typical features and components of a Levolux Control System can include the following:

  • Light Sensors – Each group or zone of motorised blinds or louvres can have an independent light sensor or light sensors can be shared. When the light level exceeds a pre-set temperature the motorised blinds or louvres will be deployed or closed and when the light level is below a pre-set level, the blinds or louvres will be retracted or opened.
  • Temperature Sensors – Similar to light sensors, temperature sensors can be incorporated to allow automatic control of motorised blinds or louvres in response to changing temperatures. Should the temperature exceed a pre-set level, then blinds or louvres will be deployed or closed, while if the temperature falls below a pre-set level then the blinds or louvres are retracted or opened.
  • Anemometer/Wind Sensors –  For external applications, Levolux configure control systems to respond to changing wind speeds. If a wind sensor detects wind speeds in excess of a pre-set level then the motorised blinds or louvres will be automatically retracted or opened to protect them from damage.
  • Touch Screen – Levolux Control Systems are available with an optional touch screen, which is used for setting up, changing configurations and for manual operation of motorised blinds or louvres.
  • Sun Tracking – Levolux has developed a precise sun tracking feature that continually calculates the position of the sun using astronomical data.This information is used to deploy the blinds only when the sun is shining on the façade. It is also used to correctly angle louvred blinds to maximise the ambient light while stopping direct sunlight.
  • Timelock – Levolux control systems incorporate a timelock/calendar feature that is battery backed and automatically compensates for summer/winter time changeover. A significant number of operations/commands can be programmed, i.e. deploy blinds at 9.00am Monday to Friday etc.


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