Infiniti Fin System

Infiniti Fin System

The Levolux Infiniti Fin System is a revolutionary solar shading and screening system which creates an impressive aesthetic of continuous blades for new and existing buildings, arranged horizontally or vertically. Its flexible design allows it to be used for external solar shading, or it can be used to create an attractive visual screen that can be applied against horizontal, vertical or inclined surfaces. The system can accommodate a range of standard or custom Fin profiles, including diamond or rhomboid shaped blades, or practically any shape imaginable. The Infiniti Fin system boasts a unique and patented design with concealed stainless steel fixings allowing the Fins to appear weightless and continuous, extending beyond the fixing point.

Product Details - Infiniti Fin System 672 x 400

System Construction

All components are subject to rigid quality standards and are designed to produce a high performance product with an aesthetically pleasing finish. The main components of the Levolux Infiniti Fin System are:

  • Integrated Fixings – A unique fixing arrangement incorporating a stainless steel locking plate ensures the system remains secure and stable even when exposed to very hostile environments. The Infiniti Fin system is also designed to integrate with a host of brackets, including Levolux’s Triniti Bracket, which features a unique thermal break and acoustic isolation.
  • Multi-part Fins or blades – The Levolux Infiniti Fin system can accommodate a diverse range of extruded aluminium profiles with sizes ranging from 150mm up to 500mm or larger. Aerofoil, oval or rectangular shaped profiles are available and custom profiles can be developed to satisfy almost any project brief. The Fins can be fixed horizontally, arranged into vertical stacks, or fixed vertically as required.
  • Support Arm/Carrier – The Infiniti Fin system incorporates an extruded aluminium support arm that secures the Fins at regular spacings. The support arm or carrier can be adapted as required to allow the Fins to be angled.
  • Walkway (optional) – The system can be integrated with an extruded aluminium ‘J’ section walkway, to facilitate easy access to the façade for routine maintenance or cleaning.
  • Handrail (optional) – An extruded aluminium handrail can also be incorporated into a scheme if required. Special extrusions can be produced for such applications.
  • Latchway Systems (optional) – The Infiniti Fin system is compatible with most latchway systems to ensure safe access when working at height.