Perforated Panels

Perforated Panels

Levolux Perforated Panels are custom engineered from aluminium to satisfy project specific requirements. Perforated Panels are designed to create a distinctive and contemporary screen for new and existing buildings. They can be installed vertically or horizontally and can be static to screen unsightly structures or operable, perhaps to create a sliding or rotating privacy screen for residents. Levolux Perforated Panels can feature almost any sized perforations, which can be precisely arranged to represent an image or pattern, be it to mimic the appearance of trees or randomly placed circular and hexagonal perforations.

Product Details - Perforated Panels 672 x 400

System Construction

All components are subject to rigid quality standards and are designed to produce a high performance product with an aesthetically pleasing finish. The main components of the Perforated Panels are:

  • First Fix Brackets – Brackets are manufactured to suit project specific requirements from either steel or extruded aluminium, dependent upon each application’s building needs and loadings.
  • Perforated Panels – Levolux Perforated Panels are made to measure, with perforations applied as required. Aluminium components are available in a wide range of finishes, including mill, natural anodised or polyester powder coated in a choice of colours.
  • Support Frame – Perforated Panels are secured into an aluminium support frame that is manufactured to satisfy project specific requirements.
  • Sliding Track (optional) – To enable Perforated Panels to be operable, Levolux can suspend them from Sliding Tracks to enable the panels to be moved as required, manually or by electric motors.
  • Controls (options) – Various types of controls are available, including manual or motorised operation, or fully automated solutions that can be stand-alone or integrated into a Building Management System (BMS).