Slimlock Blinds

Slimlock Blinds
Levolux Slimlock Roller Blinds offer excellent light exclusion for demanding environments, such as classrooms, conference rooms, art galleries, museums and theatres. Levolux Slimlock Blinds can be operated manually with a crank handle or motorised, with aluminium side-guides incorporating ‘zip’ technology, to ensure precise control of daylight levels.

Product Details - Slimlock Blinds 672 x 400


System Construction
All components are subject to rigid quality standards and are designed to produce a high performance product with an aesthetically pleasing finish. The main components of the Levolux Slimlock Roller Blind are:

  • Headbox – Various standard extruded or pressed aluminium headboxes and clip on fascias are available. Other bespoke solutions can be considered.
  • Bottom Rail – Extruded aluminium bottom rail with optional light closure brush and finishing angle.
  • Side Guides – Extruded aluminium side guides incorporating ‘zip’ technology.
  • Roller Barrel – Standard 71mm diameter extruded aluminium roller barrel. For sizes over the standard, speak to our design department.
  • Fabrics – A range of standard fabrics is available that are suitable for tensioning and welding.
  • Controls – Gearbox and handle or motorised operation, with infra-red or automatic solar control are available.
  • Bespoke Levolux controls can also be designed for specific building and shading requirements.