Tensioned Blinds

Tensioned Blinds
Levolux Tensioned Fabric Blinds are ideal for applying to sloping, horizontal and irregularly shaped glazed openings, where other types of blinds would be impractical. Tensioned fabric blinds can be fitted internally and externally and comprise a choice of fabric, an electric motor and tension mechanism all combined into a single roller, providing a compact and cost effective unit.

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System Construction

All components are subject to rigid quality standards and are designed to produce a high performance product with an aesthetically pleasing finish. The main components of the Levolux Tensioned Fabric Blind are:

  • Roller Assembly – This contains the motor, tension mechanism and cable drums and ensures that fabric remains taut. Directional rollers enable the blinds to accommodate equilateral, tapered or triangular shaped areas.
  • Guides – Aluminium side guides may or may not be used with stainless steel draw cables that drive the blind fabric into position. The cables travel around small return pulleys at the far end of the blind and are stored on slim cable drums at each end of the drive roller.
  • Fabric Cover – A wide range of suitable fabrics is available to suit project specific requirements, including solar control, room darkening or screening.
  • Blind Controls – Blinds are operated by electric motor using a switch, individually or in groups, or controlled by changing sunlight levels, timers or in response to changing internal temperatures.

The Range Of Levolux Tensioned Fabric Systems

Levolux 880 U
Un-guided blinds incorporating a single roller with return pulleys.

Levolux 880 G
Guided blinds incorporating a single roller with aluminium side guides and integral return pulleys.

Levolux 880 X
Guided blinds incorporating a single roller enclosed within an aluminium ‘hood’ making it suitable for internal and external applications.

Levolux 880 D
Guided blinds that are designed for external applications, incorporating an aluminium ‘H’ frame containing double rollers. These are coupled together by a chain drive, so that both rollers are effectively powered.