The Cove Car Park

The Cove at Oyster Point, in South San Francisco, California, is a new biotech research and development business park, with a nine-level car park wrapped in a Levolux screening solution.

Levolux was invited to develop a custom screening solution to soften the visual impact of the parking structure, while maintaining natural ventilation and concealing the interior. Working with Bassett Construction, on a project managed by Hathaway Dinwiddie, Levolux engineered a solution combining its Infiniti Fin system with an articulated scrim formed from perforated aluminium panels.

In total, Levolux supplied more than 1000 fin sections, based on its popular Infiniti Fin system, with concealed fixings. Each aerofoil-shaped fin measures 450mm wide by 85mm thick and extends up to 19 metres in height, from the 2nd level up to the 9th level.

All fins are set at a pitch of 900mm and are angled at 90 degrees from the façade. To complement the scheme, all fins have been given a durable, high-gloss performance coating in a warm hazelnut colour.

In addition to the vertical aerofoil-shaped fins, Levolux also provided almost 700 perforated aluminium panels to complete the screening solution.

Formed from aluminium sheet, the panels feature 9.5mm diameter circular perforations, giving them a 50% free area. Each panel measures up to 2.5 metres high and 785mm wide and has been specially engineered, with a curved face and profiled edges. The panels fit together like pieces of a giant puzzle, secured to an articulated steel frame that projects from the structure.

In contrast with the vertical fins, the perforated panels combine to create a curved veil that flows across and around the building. Finished in a metallic pewter grey powder coating, the perforated screening is applied in two areas, extending from the 4th level up to roof level.

As a late request, Levolux adapted its design to enable the perforated screening to be illuminated at night. A bespoke extrusion was created to support a projecting, folded aluminium flashing that extends along the bottom edge of the façade. Fully programmable LED lighting is concealed within the 148mm deep flashing, allowing multi-coloured light to be projected back against The Cove car park.

Images courtesy of Rob Calderwood