British Sugar HQ

A new multi-million-pound headquarters development for British Sugar in Peterborough is now complete. A host of features were incorporated to improve the energy efficiency, functionality and aesthetic quality of the building, including an external Solar Shading solution from Levolux.

Working with Bowmer & Kirkland, Levolux developed an operable solar shading/brise soleil solution, applied externally across full-height glazing at first and second floor levels. The custom solution comprises two rows of vertical glass fins, fitted to south, east and west-facing elevations.

In total, Levolux provided 398 glass fins, each measuring 750mm wide, by 4.2 metres high and 25mm thick. The 750mm wide glass fins are set at a pitch of 750mm and are formed from toughened, laminated glass.

All glass fins can be rotated, with pivoting brackets, integrated actuators and link bars ensuring a smooth, synchronised operation. An intelligent, programmable control system automatically changes the angle of fins, taking input from external light sensors.

The intelligent solar shading solution, developed by Levolux, tracks the movement of the sun and makes corresponding adjustments to the fins. This maximises the thermal comfort levels for British Sugar employees and visitors.