Century City

Following a $800 million upgrade, Westfield’s Century City mall in Los Angeles has been dramatically remodelled, partly thanks to an ultra-modern external screening solution, courtesy of Levolux.

The solution, which is based on the popular Infiniti Fin system, includes vertical and horizontal aluminium fins, which are distributed across the site in 27 different locations. Levolux developed custom, trapezoidal-shaped fin extrusions to meet project specific requirements.

All horizontal fins, which measure 127mm deep, are incorporated into a series of vertical screens. The horizontal fins feature prominently across the site with a pitch that varies from 180mm up to 720mm. As an effective form of architectural massing, the screening fins create a 3-dimensional element that defines the building’s exterior.

To the north of the site, the horizontal fins are faceted, allowing the vertical screens to follow the building’s curved facade.

In addition, Levolux provided larger fins, each measuring 250mm deep, also with a trapezoidal-shaped profile. The larger fins are arranged vertically and are incorporated as individual elements and within panels. The individual fins have a typical pitch of 400mm, while those within panels are brought together, with a typical pitch of just 230mm.

The individual vertical fins are used to screen the upper levels of a multi-storey car park. The fins vary in length, with some extending up to 4.5 metres across openings, while others are shorter, allowing clear openings, or making way for LED screens or advertising billboards.

The panelised vertical fins, which are secured back to horizontal aluminium carriers, are positioned in front of glazed openings at high level. They provide a degree of shading, while creating an attractive architectural feature that complements the overall scheme.

Although the horizontal fins have a real timber appearance, with a dark brown colour and reassuring woodgrain textured finish, they are actually formed from extruded aluminium components. Thanks to advances in powder coating techniques, the faux-wood or wood-effect finish is so realistic that it is almost impossible to tell it apart from real timber.

The larger vertical fins, which are also formed from extruded aluminium, have been finished in a satin black powder coating, which creates an interesting contrast against the pale rendered cladding.

A clip-in rear section of each fin incorporates a retractable fixing, allowing fins to be removed if required for access, or maintenance to other areas.