Diamond Light Source

Diamond Light Source is a new scientific facility in South Oxfordshire on the Harwell Chilton science campus. The new facility has been fitted with a new and totally bespoke solar shading solution that helps to create the now famous ‘doughnut’ shape of the building.

Walk-on-Brise Soleil has been installed behind a set of 600mm and 450mm wide fabricated, perforated aluminium fins to allow cleaning and maintenance access to the exterior of the building. An alternative to extruded fins, the fabricated fins allow for finishes to be added; in the case of the Diamond Light Source, perforations. This provides a softness to the fins whilst also reducing their overall weight.

The fins and Walk-on-Brise Soleil have been installed to provide an effective solar shading solution for the occupants of the building whilst creating an aesthetically pleasing and distinctive curved look to the building.

The Walk-on-Brise Soleil system has been designed to perform as a rigid safe working platform for maintenance and window cleaning around the exterior of the facility whilst still performing its primary function as an effective and architecturally attractive solar shading solution.

Walk-on-Brise Soleil offers a host of benefits to both architects and specifiers seeking to create totally bespoke and unique features for their projects.

The system comprises a series of ‘J’ tread elements, ingeniously spaced to provide effective shading of direct sunlight whilst creating a safe platform. Featuring non-slip tops, they are produced in lightweight extruded aluminium. Mill finished, anodised or polyester powder coated finishes are also available.

The system is designed to support a 1KN point load at 1,000mm centres with support arms spaced at 3,000mm – equivalent to maintenance use by one individual only. To ensure a totally safe environment, handrails or fall arrest systems can be incorporated into the design.