Hackney Wick Station

Following a £25 million redevelopment project, Hackney Wick Station in East London is impressing passengers and staff, with its board-cast concrete staircase, weathered Corten steel cladding and a custom external screening solution from Levolux.

The new overground station has been comprehensively overhauled, including new entrances to the north and south, complete with staircases and lifts. It also benefits from a new ticket hall to the north and improved circulation areas.

A significant proportion of the new station is cloaked in a Levolux external screening solution, featuring vertical aluminium fins. The rectangular-shaped fins, each measuring 250mm deep by 50mm wide, are set at 170mm centres to create an interesting architectural feature.

The vertical fins, which are formed from extruded aluminium sections, were not only chosen for their shading and screening characteristics. The grey-brown coloured fins provide a visual cue to the weeping willows and reeds that were synonymous with the area. This is most effective where they enclose the main staircases.

Levolux’s Infiniti® Fin system was the obvious choice for the project. Its unique, patented design has concealed fixings for an uncompromised appearance. It is also extremely flexible and can accommodate a vast range of fin profiles, from oval, aerofoil-shaped or in this case rectangular.

Hackney Wick station is covered with 638 vertical fins, in lengths that range from 2 to 7.1 metres. As an additional feature, the depth of each fin applied to the two staircases changes along its length. The top of each fin has a depth of 250mm, but below 1.9 metres the depth reduces to 143mm.

Special stainless-steel lock plates concealed within the rear of each fin are connected to aluminium angle brackets and these are secured to an aluminium carrier that extends around both staircases at roof level. The same lock plates and angled brackets are used at low level, but here they are secured directly into a concrete slab at 700mm metre centres.

For additional bracing, tie bars pass through each fin in two places; at low level and 3.6 metres below the top bracket.

Levolux supplied each aluminium fin with an attractive grey-beige powder coating in a smooth satin finish.