IKEA Southampton

Following refurbishment, the IKEA Southampton multi-storey car park is looking better than ever thanks to a new external screening solution from Levolux.

The original screening solution, which was installed in 2009, comprised a series of 300mm wide, vertical timber fins. Almost eight years after the original installation, Levolux was invited to carry out a site survey and propose remedial works to reinstate the screening solution. After inspecting the structure, it was clear that all 936 timber fins would need to be replaced and the supporting steel structure would need to be refurbished.

Rather than just replacing the timber fins with new timber fins, a second option was proposed by Levolux, to replace the timber fins with aluminium ‘timber-effect’ fins.

The special ‘timber-effect’ finish achieved by the latest powder coating techniques, so closely match the appearance and texture of real wood, that it is surprisingly difficult to tell them apart.

For this project, the fin ends were finished with profile cut, aluminium end-caps, which close the fins and allow them to be attached to custom ‘L’-shaped brackets. The benefits of this arrangement proved to be considerable.

The guarantee that the aluminium fins would retain their ‘wood-effect’ appearance for many years without diminishing, proved to be a significant benefit.

The rejuvenated screening solution, which extends more than 80 metres in length and almost 16 metres in height, restores the original quality of the overall scheme.