Kao Data Centre

Kao Data London One, the first of four free-standing data centre buildings on the 15-acre Kao Data Campus located in the Harlow Enterprise Zone, is an imposing construction which features a dazzling external brise-soleil screening solution provided by Levolux.

The Levolux solution combines its Aerofoil Fins, arranged vertically and its VLS100 Contour Louvre system, arranged horizontally.

In total, Levolux installed 644 Aerofoil Fins, each measuring 400mm wide by 54mm thick, with lengths of up to 5.5 metres. The vertical fins are divided into two horizontal bands that extend around the facility. Each fin is formed from a single-piece, aluminium extrusion and is finished in one of five shades of green.

The colourful vertical fins help provide important shading for exposed mechanical and electrical equipment. All fins used on the Kao London One project are fixed at a typical pitch of 490mm and at an angle of 45 degrees to the face of the building. To aid installation, the fins were pre-assembled into panels, each comprising five different coloured fins, fixed between aluminium support angles.

In addition to the Aerofoil Fins, Levolux’s VLS100 Contour Louvre system was used to create a series of vertical louvred sections at the western end of the building. The extruded aluminium louvres, with their ‘S’-shaped profile, offer outstanding strength and weatherability. This is one of Levolux’s more popular louvre systems for screening plant areas.

In total, Levolux provided 12 louvred panels, which extend more than 8.5 metres in height and with a maximum width of 8.2 metres. To allow easy access for routine cleaning and maintenance, Levolux incorporated two single louvred doors into the screening structures. The doors, which feature the same VLS100 louvre blade, are hidden within the louvred façade for an attractive, seamless finish.

All aluminium components, including Aerofoil Fins and Louvres, are finished in a high-quality powder coating. The vertical Aerofoil Fins, which are finished in one of five shades of green, create an eye-catching architectural feature. In contrast, the screening louvres have been given a subtle, silver coloured finish.