Lancaster University

A unique ‘solar chimney’ system, designed by Levolux, is dramatically cutting energy costs and improving heating efficiency at Lancaster University.

Resembling tall glass towers, five ‘chimneys’ were fitted to the southern elevation of the Statistics Centre. The front of the ‘chimneys’ are glass, with ducts on the rear, which feed into the building. The sun heats the air trapped within these glass ‘chimneys’, and this air then rises, drawing warm air out of the building.

Cooler air then enters the building at other points, keeping the building at an optimum temperature for studying.

Levolux’s involvement also featured the installation of its unique Matrix 910XL brise soleil, located between the solar chimneys.

Retaining the building’s aesthetic qualities, Levolux’s Ventilation Louvres screen the building’s unsightly plant from view. Whilst the spaced Louvres still allow a consistent air flow around the plant, ensuring it continues to operate efficiently.

With extensive knowledge and experience, Levolux can deliver a vast array of bespoke solutions, designed to fit virtually any project. Available in a range of finishes, the systems will help to reflect the architect’s vision 100%.