Remington Quarry Park

A new headquarters development by Remington Development Corporation, south of Calgary in Canada, provides the ideal office environment, partly thanks to a solar shading solution, designed and supplied by Levolux.

The application of solar shading complements the use of glass curtain walling, which is used extensively to form the building’s external envelope. Levolux worked closely with the architect and local contractor, Desa Glass, to design a solution comprising its popular Infiniti Fin system, with aerofoil and rectangular-shaped Fins.

The Infiniti Fin system has been used to incorporate horizontal, aerofoil-shaped aluminium fins across glazed sections to the east of the development. 15 horizontal Fins, each measuring 300mm wide by 62mm thick, are arranged into a continuous, vertical stack.

Fixed at an angle of 15 degrees and with a pitch of 333mm, the Fins combine to form an effective shading structure, with a total length of almost 50 metres and a height of 5 metres. Mitred corners allow it to continue seamlessly around a single-storey section of the building.

On an adjacent, south-facing elevation, Levolux incorporated its rectangular-shaped aluminium fins into a horizontal shading canopy, with a projection of almost 1.8 metres. The Fins, each measuring 200mm wide by 25mm thick, are arranged horizontally between profile cut aluminium side arms.

In total, Levolux provided 26 panels, each comprising 12 Fins, which have been combined together to form a continuous shading canopy with a length of more than 57 metres.

All aluminium components, including the aerofoil-shaped Fins and rectangular-shaped Fins, with profile cut side arms, have been given an attractive natural anodised finish.