Rhiw Multi-Storey Car Park

The new Rhiw multi-storey car park, complete with its multi-coloured external screening solution from Levolux, forms part of a £9 million regeneration project that has transformed Bridgend town centre.

Levolux was approached to develop an external screening solution for west and south elevations of the parking structure.

Levolux’s Infiniti Fin system was chosen to provide the optimum arrangement of horizontal aluminium fins, which are finished in one of four colours to complement the overall scheme.

For this project, Levolux used 300mm wide aerofoil-shaped fins, set at a pitch of 380mm and inclined at an angle of 45 degrees. This precise arrangement gives the car park an attractive external appearance, while providing users with a pleasant internal environment, with plenty of natural ventilation, daylight and good outward visibility.

The array of horizontal fins extends 66 metres along the length of the west elevation and rises more than 7 metres in height, from first floor up to roof level. The Fins continue with mitred corners along the south-facing elevation, where they extend a further 17 metres in length.

All fins have been given a highly durable and distinctive powder coated finish, with four standard RAL colours being used. From the bottom to the top, the rows of fins change from olive green to beige and then to stone grey, with upper rows finished in light grey.