San Antonio Center Car Park

The Village at San Antonio Center in California, replaces a 50-year-old shopping centre with a new mixed-use development, including a large multi-storey car park which is clad with a distinctive Levolux Screening Solution.

A significant element of the project was the construction of a large multi-storey car park. The substantial square-shaped structure, accommodates more than 1300 parking bays, divided across eight levels.

Levolux was approached at the design stage of the project, to help develop an external screening solution for the multi-storey car park.

A screening structure was required to soften the visual impact of the building by concealing unsightly structures under a veil of curved or twisted fins. The client selected their preferred design as one that resembles fabric, draped across the building.

The custom screening solution supplied by Levolux, comprises more than 1800 vertical fins, each formed from 15mm thick, extruded aluminium plate. The fins, which have a maximum width of 600mm and a length of up to 3.1 metres, are individually water jet cut along their length to create the required curved profile. Working to very small tolerances, Levolux ensured all vertical fins were aligned perfectly, set at 510mm centres.

To enhance the overall aesthetic, Levolux supplied all vertical fins for the project in a highly durable and attractive silver-grey powder coating.

Levolux supplied first fix brackets and secondary extruded aluminium fixings, allowing the profile-cut vertical fins to be fitted quickly and easily. Now complete, the striking effect of the vertical fins can be fully appreciated.