Telehouse West

Telehouse Europe is the UK’s first co-location data centre provider and the Telehouse West development at its Docklands campus looks impressive with its Aerofoil Fin screening solution, provided by Levolux.

The generator backup building serves to support the Telehouse campus and has the capacity to house additional equipment in the future. A screening solution was required to create a clean, attractive external aesthetic.

Levolux’s 350mm wide Aerofoil Fins were specified and applied horizontally. While the Fins would normally be angled to block the sun from above, shading openings, they are effectively installed upside down. Set at an angle of 32 degrees, the inverted Fins block views from pedestrians passing below, as they look up at the building.

The array of Aerofoil Fins extends 14 metres in height and 24 metres across the length of the building. Due to the strength of the 350mm wide Fin extrusion, they are only required to be supported every 4 metres, providing a clean, uncompromised appearance.

To provide easy access for maintenance, the vertically stacked Fins project approximately 500mm from the building’s façade. In the space behind, Levolux installed aluminium walkways and ladders, together with a latchway system.

A key architectural requirement was for the extreme ends of Fins to be mitred to allow a 1.5 metre return at the corners of the building. To achieve this the Fins were cut at a compound angle which accommodates both the 32° tilt of the Fin and the 90° corner. Once welded together again the corner sections were cleaned off and then all the fins were given a high-quality powder coating in a cool, light grey colour.