The Oracle Centre

As part of a recent refurbishment of the Holybrook Mall at The Oracle in Reading, Levolux was invited to provide a spectacular internal screening solution, in the form of twisted fins as a false ceiling.

Levolux developed a custom screening solution, comprising a series of twisted aluminium fins that create an unusual and impressive feature ceiling that extends almost 30 metres.

Working closely with the architect, Levolux completed the design of the complete system, including the twisted fins and supporting structure.

Levolux managed the installation of the screening solution within two weeks. All work was carried out overnight to allow the mall to open as usual during the day. To facilitate this, all materials, plant and equipment had to be cleared away each morning and quickly re-deployed when the mall closed in the evening.

The Levolux site team collaborated with other trades to co-ordinate access using a scissor lift, enabling swift progress to be achieved. Levolux’s skilled fitters worked within confined conditions to install the twisted fins and supporting structure, 4 metres above the mall floor.

The custom support structure, comprising horizontal support rails and vertical suspension rods, was devised to secure the assembly of twisted fins 1 metre below a concrete slab.

In total, Levolux supplied and installed 42 twisted fins for this project, fixed horizontally at 660mm centres. Each 300mm wide fin is formed from 10mm thick extruded aluminium plate, with a length of 4.7 metres.

The fins are precisely twisted, either in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction, through 360 degrees along their length. The orientation of twist applied to each fin alternates and this arrangement was crucial for achieving the desired aesthetic.

The twisted fins are finished in an attractive and highly durable metallic bronze coloured powder coating.